Best time for advertising on Instagram

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People have different habits when it comes to engaging with social media. Among these habits is one which could have an impact on B2B or B2C interactions, time. Of course we have other factors like the number of followers a page might have but that is not our focal point.
We can all agree that social media is one of the best ways for businesses to amplify their brand. With the introduction of instagram shops, businesses are looking at ways to take advantage of the platform.

What is the best time to post on Instagram?

Unfortunately, there is no specific answer but below are timings from a well researched article by Hootsuite.

Sunday 10AM – 2PM
Monday 9AM – 5PM
Tuesday 8AM – 6PM
Wednesday 11AM – 3PM
Thursday 11AM – 4PM
Friday 9AM – 4PM
Saturday 9AM – 11AM

Now, it is important to know acknowledge that there are different types of businesses out there and what works for one might not work for the other. For example, a businesses involved in technological products might not share the same engagements at a certain time with a business offering online learning or selling apparels.

Businesses can always use the analytics tool that come with Instagram for business profiles or they can even go further and use Adespresso which offers a 14 day trial. With the analytics tools, you will be able to have a sneak peek of what time works for your business, with the best time being the time with the highest engagements

Hootsuite dives deeper and breaks down different times that could work for different industries. Bottom line is, if you want to see an increase in user engagement with your posts, have a strategic plan. Do not just post when you feel like. Find out what works for you and stick to it.

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